Investment & Development

We have extensive investment & development expertise and regularly advise clients on the acquisition and disposal of investment & development property. We are able to recognise good opportunities and advise on portfolio strategy and what action can be taken ahead to enhance value.

We act for a variety of clients in this regard to include pension funds, charities, property companies, developers and private investors. When acquiring we will take time to understand the differing requirements of each client. When disposing we will ensure that we have advised on all options to maximize value and the best method through which to effect a sale.

We can:

  • Advise on options to maximise value
  • Provide detailed Marketing Strategies for disposals
  • Undertake searches for investment property fitting the specific criteria of individual investors
  • Analyse and advise on value and negotiate to acquire investment property
  • Provide asset management advice
  • Advise owner occupier businesses seeking sale and leaseback opportunities to realise capital

Where advising on development property we can:

  • Advise on planning issues relevant to development projects
  • Advise on occupier demand, rental and capital values
  • Provide advice on values
  • Undertake site assembly work
  • Advise on the acquisition and disposal of sites

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